These are the thoughts of a Texas transplant in West Michigan who makes his living as a newspaper reporter by evening, and a struggling novelist by day.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Last Day at Michigan!

Well, I geuss this is the last day for me to blog. I was very nice blogging, but unfortunely I have to go back home, We leave at 2:00 to chigago, then we get on the plane and go home at 6:00. We are not going to do anything until it is time to go, I only have 3 hours left to be in Michigan. Maybe I will blog again when I come back, I will miss the cats and most importantly, you. I will blog when I come back, Bye, Love Lorena!

My 7th Day at Michigan!

Hi, this is Lorena. I am going to write about what I did on the 17th of July. My grandma and uncle went downtown and went shopping while me and my brother stayed at home, we were just on the computer. Then they came back and we stayed at home. Then my aunt came and made dinner cause we were having some friends over for dinner, they were adults but they had 2 daughters. One was 10 and the other was 8. They played some music and then they left. I had a lot of fun. Then we went to sleep. Goodnight, Lorena!

My 6th Day at Michigan!

Hi, this is Lorena, I am going to blog about what I did on the 16th of July. We went Blueberry Picking. It was so much fun. Me and my grandma picked about 2 and a half pounds. Then we went to pick up some pizza and then we went home and ate it. Then we left to meet some friends downtown. There were so many street performers. I loved the way they played the violins. Then we went to a candy store and got some candy. Then we went back home. Well Good nite, Lorena!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My 5th Day, part 2.

Well, yes we did go to beach, it was so cool. There were so many waves, just hitting you in the face. Then we could not stay there to long cause we also had to go home and take a shower and get dressed, we were going to have dinner with my aunt's mom. The food was good. Then we went back home, but Ricardo, my aunt, and my grandma went to the store to get something. There are only a couple of days left until we leave and see my mom and dad again. I do miss them. Well I geuss I will blog tomorrow, Goodnight, Lorena!

My 5th Day at Michigan!

Today, the 15th of July, we woke up late, it was 10:00. We went to the Dutch Village, it was cool. I got a T-shirt and one for my brother. Then we were supposed to go to the beach, but it started to rain right now, so I am so sad, but my aunt said that tomorrow it was going to be sunny, so that made me feel a little better. My brother is at my aunt's nephew's house, so he is having fun. Later we are going to have dinner with my aunt's mom. OMG, it stopped raining right now, maybe we can still go. I guess I will blog later. Goodbye. Lorena

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My 4th Day at Michigan!

Ok, I am back from the sandune, OMG, it was so cool, the sandune was 120 feet high, me, my grandma, and my uncle went on it. I went a little higher to get a better view of the lake. It was so amazing, but a little scary cause you never know if you are going to fall off the sandune. We rested a bit, then went back down the sandune. Then we went to pick up my aunt(Dawn) from work. Then after that we went to visit my aunt's mom(Mrs.Evie). She is so sweet, she showed us her collection of yarn and she gave me a little bit of beads and string. Then my uncle went to pick up my brother from his friends house. Then we stayed a little while longer at my aunt's mom's house, and we invited her to go to the beach with us and she invited us to have dinner with her tomorrow night. Like I said she is so sweet, she also has a dog named Minnie,it is so cute. Then we went back to my uncle and aunt's house. We are going to eat hotdogs for dinner, they are good. Well, I guess I will blog soon, Goodnight, Lorena!

My 4th Day at Michigan

Hi, Lorena here, I am going to blog about what I did today, 14th of July. Today, me, Ricardo, my grandma, and my uncle went to a Nature Center, it was nice and cool, but there was alot of bugs that were getting on us, I really didn't enjoy that, but we took a walk there, there were so many trails and or paths. When we got back to the main office, there were so many animals, like turtles, snakes, toads, rabbits, etc. Well there were some animals that were fake, but it was cool. I got a crystal necklace, a stone, and a bookmark. Ricardo got a stone, a bookmark, and alot of small rocks, but they were cute. We are going to go to a sandune, in a little bit, I will blog about that later. I will blog in a little bit, bye, lorena!

Monday, July 13, 2009

My 3rd Day at Michigan

Hi, this is Lorena again, I am going to tell you about my 3rd day here ,in Michigan. Today,the 13th of July, my brother(Ricardo) went to a playground center with other kids his age. He said that he really enjoyed it and he made a couple of friends, that is good. While he was there, I was out downtown with my grandma and uncle, to mail something to my little, adorable cousin(Emma Grace). Then my grandma went into a store, just to see what they had. Then we went walking back to my uncle's house, shortly after we got home, my brother and my aunt got home, my brother won a little pack of lemonade. Then we went to the library, I got 2 book's and my brother got 5 or 6 books, but they were about sharks and scorpiens, but one was about warewolves, it looked interesting. Mine were about dead people, they looked interesting too, one was about "The Dead Man in the Indian River" and the other was about "A Teacher's Funeral". I will see how they end, and right now we are going to eat dinner, so I will blog again tomorrow. Goodnight, Lorena!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My First and Secound Day at Michigan

This is Lorena g., Roels' niece ,doing a blog while visiting my uncle and aunt.
Hello, what had hapend on the 11th of july, was that me, my brother(ricardo), and my grandma(gracie) were flying in from San Antionio, Texas all the way to Chigago. The flight was good. My aunt and uncle were going to pick us up and drive us all the way to Holland, Michigan, well my aunt took a wrong turn and we were heading back to Chigago,lol, at first we were a little upset, but these things happen, and the next minute we were just laughing about it! We finally reached home and rested! The next day, we all got up at about 9:00 and went to church(it was very nice). Then, we went to visit my aunt's mom(it was nice, she has a AMAZING YARD.) Then, we went to see my aunt's sister for a while. Then we went BOWLING! It was so cool. I only hit a 36,lol, I know I'm not that good, but it's a start. Well, I guess I will blog soon. Goodnight, Lorena!