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Sunday, September 11, 2005

tejano concert

yesterday was the anticipated day of the tejano concert here in holland. i get a kick out of it. i'm used to seeing and hearing these bands back in texas. so it's a welcome sight up here in michigan.

grupo fama came up and played. it was cool. dawn and i went, peg, mary ann, derek an dov. we all enjoyed ourselves. peg is geting into it. derek wants to play acordion. he admits it's dorky but would still like to learn.

dawn and i went to get out for awhile, afte evie ended up breaking one of her toes in an unfortunate house acident friday night. i recognized none of their songs, of couse, because i was never into that group while living in texas. still, there's something cool about listening to that style of music. it's entertaining.

it was memorable for dawn. while sitting to eat, she kept going and fell off the piece of wood she sat on. it was a slow motion fall. it's like, 'you're falling, dawn.' 'yes, i know, i am, but i can't help it.' she ended up ripping her pants in the process. but the fun didn't end there. while we sat to eat on some chairs, a clown came by to give dov something. i immediately turned to dawn and smiled. she hates clowns. i asked her about it and she said she wasn't looking at the face. then derek made the comment, 'no one knows where that clown came from. he's not affiliated with the church. he just arrivd here.' funny.

this is the second time we've gone to christ memorial over in graafschap rd. last year they had albert zamora and shelly lares. we unfortunately missed albert playing is accordion.

let's see who the church brings next year. whomever it it, it will be fine. it's free, it's fun and it's tejano.