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Thursday, April 02, 2009

music so soothe the heart

today after doing some writing and baking, i set out to go through the cds that belonged to my dad. i hadn't been able to do it. once i picked through them, but got emotional and could do nothing but put the music back in the bag the cds were in.

but today felt good for it. i rifled through them, i saw names like los tigres del norte, los huracanes del norte, carlos y jose, los alegres de teran, los cadetes de linares and los tucanes del norte. it was a whirlwind of names and thoughts of conversations i'd had with pop in the years before i left thehouse.

i remember putting on los tigres during one of our trips to the ranch and he singing bits and pieces along with the music, or me asking questions about what they were talking about if i didn't understand some fo the words. he once told me that he and tio gocha went to premont or near there to see carlos y jose (i think) back before tio gocha got married. that must have been a good memory to go with a brother to dance hall to see a band, a band dad would still be listening to decades later. (i have memories of attending concerts with my own brother, albeit hard rock acts like ozzy, skid row and iron maiden). but memories are memories.

i felt good while listening to the music. it made me happy because it was something he and i shared. one of the few things, but i'm glad we had something and didn't go our lives with nothing. some never get that with their fathers. so i am lucky.

i only wish dad was sitting next to me. cold beer wrapped in his hand and singing along. contentment in his face, maybe singing a phrase or two. te hecho menos, mi querido padre.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

i just don't know

sometimes people can be so hateful through their own ignorance or through their predujice. it's frustrating to know that hatred exists when there's no reason for it.
i'll never understand the foolishness of people.
we all bleed red, man.