These are the thoughts of a Texas transplant in West Michigan who makes his living as a newspaper reporter by evening, and a struggling novelist by day.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


chew your cud with discontent,
and taste the bile in your mouth

it's warm sentiments and cheer,
applause and jeers,
and a slight edge of sarcasm

smack your lips,
it does taste good, after all,
for it's babies' hearts
and kitty tails

two-headed snake,
tjhe bite was deep,
but which head struck,
the good or the bad?

time told,
two things occurred.

up forth came,
ina soupy mess,
a spew of all your
on clean shoes did it all fall,
ah, ow to clean them off!

and, too,
from behind, still, more came,
filled your diaper to hilt,
oh that smell,
it penetrates,
a steaming mess,
now shame yourself.

yet, no apologies are gained,
you can't speak,
but mumble nothings,
unexplained fantasties
and make-believe ideals.

so arrry on that dragging diaper
and regurgitate.

you can sleep when you die

we said goodbye to a friend yesterday.

lisa got her lpn in a ceremony in grand rapids. we missed the ceremony but we saw her afterward ad she was grateful that we showed up to support her.. it was us, denise and mig and her family.

we went out to eat. we chatted a bit with her ad met her mom, sister and brother in law. it was nice. good family.

we exchanged hugs and gartitude and she walked out of the restaurant. who knows if we'll ever see her again. today she left to texas with her kids. she'll return here and there, but to see her might not happen. she's off to a better life there.

we were headed back and denise and mig wanted to get a drink. it was persuasion that finally got us, though we had to wake up early today and needed sleep.

"you can sleep when you're dead," denise said.

the girl's got a bit of wit.

and so we headed with them for some drinks. not the best taste of jack i've had, but it was good to relax. i needed it. by night's end, i came home content and slept rather well.

nothing like a little jackie dan to rest well.