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Thursday, December 04, 2008


so lovable
so precious
such smiles
such lonliness
such need
so much


Monday, December 01, 2008

it's all gone

turkey day is done. actually it was done four days ago, but i felt it appropriate to wait until now to post.

we hosted thanksgiving. it's the second time we host a holiday. the first was christmas. we hosted it at our small apartment back in 2002 in alice, texas. everyone was crowded around the living/dining room. i don't know how we did it, but we did.

but this time, we hosted it in "our" home. it's different than hosting it in an apartment that you're renting and not invested in. it felt good. it felt right.

it was originally anopen house that turned into everyone coming at once thing. we scrambled and gathered chairs and added extra small folding tables to place food.

there was small talk, as usual. there was loud talk, as usual. there were kids playing, talking, smiling and making noise.

we sat in various places to eat. i sat in the quiet end. gray said little, evie even less (too busy chomping away at her slow pace) and me listening. the far end had the three sisters and kids coming and going, so that end was relatively louder. laura and mary ann even broke into song, scaring poor nikolai. GAST!! luckily, it lasted a few seconds.

todd and i took a walk to the new walkway around the heinz factory. we took the lad with us. he enjoyed it. though, i think todd did more than he did.

people disbanded soon after we arrived fro our walk.

we slept for a bit after that. we were tired.
and that was our holiday.