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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

migrants and dylan

i should've posted some days ago but just never felt like it. but i feel like i gotta put something in. it was fun after all.

thursday night was the first night i've spent away from dawn in the six years we've been married. we've never spent the entire night apart. certainly, i've gone out and returned rather late, not having talked to her, then she's off to work and i won't see her until the following day. but never have slept in a different bed...unless you count that time in tijuana. but we won't get into that here. so it felt a little odd thursday, but i got through it.

the reason for our one-night separation was i attended a migrant and farm worker conference in lansing with d. and mig. all four of us were going but dawn got sick and only the three went. it was a great experience. i got to meet some friends (aldaco among them) and listent o some interesting things. probably the most interesting one was the hate crime session d. and i attended.

i owe it to mig for the invite. he and d. are great friends for what they did. ellos son buena gente. puros corazones y corazones puros.

on the return they jammed and dawnie and i listened and enjoyed conversing.

the following day we headed to k-zoo for bob dylan. it was quite an experience to hear a legend like him. he's one of the greatest influences on rock. hell, he turned the beatles nto pot, for god's sake.

i was surprised, though. he played the organ all night. he picked up the guitar for half a song. his signing was not to par with his musicianship, but still good o hear (or tried to hear and make out what it washe was singing). the coolest was when he sang "like a rolling stone." it sounded different, but still cool to hear.

again, d. and mig. buena compania. despues fuimos para un lugar llamado el union. que fabuloso lugar. tenian un hombre tocando la guitara. yo sabia cada cancion. me gusto. queremos ir otra ves.