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Saturday, December 13, 2008

i like my friends

i like my friends, i really do.
my friends make me feel normal,
they make me feel like me.
i don't have to fake it when i'm with my friends,
i'm just me.

i like my friends
because i can act goofy
and they won't reprimand
or look down on me,
they laugh and contribute
like good friends should

i like my friends
because they care,
and they share
they make me feel free

i like my friends
because they'd protect me i needed
no matter what comes our way
in their hands i'd put my life and
know i'd come out whole again

i like my friends
because it seems like it's been years
sicne we played in the sandbox or
helped push each other at the swings
or played tag on the playground

i like my friends
because they're my friends
and no one else can be like my friends

i like my friends
because i can wear slippers
and sweats and they don't complain

i like my friends
because they're like me
and i am like them
and we're like each other

i, like friends,
love them and they love me.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

a whole lotta stuff of nothin'

i've leglected this blog for far too long to simply write about what's up in my cheery life. i no longer seem to write with clear abandon as in blogs past.

i doubt i'll start now, however, perhaps it's time to shift gears a bit, no?

katrina bit me in the arm saturday. it was weird. she's laying on my lap as i'm on the phone. she's purring, i'm petting. then i pet her tail and she hisses and lunges forward and does more than nip at my arm. luckily i was wearing a long-sleeved shirt. i yelled at her and she was off.

she did't really pay much attention to me for a few days after that. but a few nights later she was sleeping next to me in bed (something she'd gotten into the habit of doing recently).

i'm dealing with my new-ish glasses. they are cool looking. but i have issus with the prescription. i got bifocals. it sorta seemed to look good at the doc's office but not now. i went back and had the power reduced some. we'll see how those turn out. i may have to return this coming year and remove the bifocal part. i'm very frustrated. at times it appears i see better with my old glasses. since vision is a big deal to me, it's really rough.

and snow? a shitload of it. last year i saw the most snow in one winter season in five winters. an access of 100 inches. this year we've got more than 20 inches, i'm sure. and it's not even mid-december. there are large piles of snow on the driveway entrance. if this continues and there is no immediate melting, they will reach the magnitude and size of piles reached in february. we need a three days of 40 degrees to get those puppies down. plus, the snow is looking really dirty now.

reading? being doing quite a bit of it. i've been reading books fromthe 1960s. i read "day of the triffids," "the other," and "our lady of darkness." i'm starting the "tibetan book of the dead," some lovecraft books and tomorrow a king book of short stories. a mix of stuff

i'm also waiting for something called "the camel club" and "haunted" by oates.

ok, lad, that's enough. you've had your fill. let 'em sleep.