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Monday, September 22, 2008

the web we weave

i saw something very cool saturday evening as dawn and i headed out.
by the corner of our porch where the brick support is located, a spider built its web. it connected the web to the bricks and to a pot of flowers. i could see through the gossimer thread as light shone through. it was very pretty as it shook in the breeze.

however, what was most interesting was this spider caught a fly. or, rather, a fly, got stuck in the web. the spider immedately pounced, attacking the fly. it neutralized it and dragged the fly to anotehr part of the web. then it spun its web and wrapped up the fly. then it ate, its body over the fly. to be that fly, how sad and painful. nothing to do but lay there, tight, as life drains from your stiff body. still, a beautiful thing to watch. nature at work.

dawn and i took a genealogy class saturday. we learned a lot and decided to do some research sunday. it was great. i learned a few things about my family. for one, i learned my paternal grandfather was born on july 3 instead of july 4. even his gravestone says july 4. i also learned that my great grandmother's first name was maria.

next week we have another class. i'm finding this very interesting. i want to go back next week and do more research. i'm kind of hooked on it.

"come into my parlour," said the spider to the fly.