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Friday, November 18, 2005


talked to momand dad wednesday. dad's cancer marker is down to 2.5. he's real close to the 2 the doctor wants. he'l be off the chemo for the next two weeks.
he's supposed to have several tests done the week after thanksgiving to see where the cancer is at this point and to see how it's regressed or if it appears anywhere else in his body. he'll have x-rays of his chest, lungs and torso.

he sounded ok, especially after sunday's conversation.he sounded off then. he really wasn't paying attention to me and wouldn't answer questions. he'd slip into another conversation. i thought i was talking to my grandfather, since he is hard of hearing. i worry about him when it comes to those things, besides the cancer. he wasn't like this before. so i dunno.

when i talked to him wednesday, he was on his way to the ranch to check on something. tht's another worry. he's not even 100 percent. so i have concerns and visualize him fallen and unable to get up or hurt by a cow. but i guess it's better he go and have some semblance of what he loves to do. he feels like he's not a man, no worth. he's so used to working out in the ranch and keeping active that this has been so hard on him. i feel bad for him. being kept from doing what you like sucks. no other eloquent way to put it.

so i hope the tests reveal positive info. i'd like for him to get off the chemo and move on. plus, he really wants to spend thanksgiving at uncle rene's house. i'd like that. he needs to be with his brothers and sisters, especially after uncle gocha's death. i think it'll do him so much good.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

gee, the grass is white

just walked outside (2:30 p.m.) and there is a thin, revealing blanket of snow covering the grass. the season's first snow. it's not much and it appears we're only supposed to get a few inches betwen today and tomorrow morning. still, it's nice. it's fresh and clean. not something i'll be saying in february when it's moldy and wet and slushy.

i took a walk to the library, a few long blocks, and made my way back as it was sort of starting. it was more like sleet-like snow, heavy and clinging to my coat. still, my first walk in it. and i suppose when i go to work, it'll be snowing then. although, i'd say a bit heavier.

we had such fierce winds last night, blew the crap out of everything. good thing most leaves are gone. i really didn't feel like raking any more leaves. looks like i won't hve to.

and so it looks like wintery weather is here. it does feel nice to sort of relax throughout the day with the cats. if only dawnie didn't have to work today. but the money's good.

Monday, November 14, 2005

day off

another four-day week. i get to use a sick day again today. it's nice to have these every once in awhile.

i do spend half the day thinking i have to be at work by 4 and worrying, even though i reassure myself constantly i can stay home andthat today is my sunday.

so far, dawn and i went out and completed a bunch of errands that took a good chunk of time. we decided to get some long john silver's. it's been ages since we've had any. ages, i say.

i'm all caught up with my movies and shows from last week. i still have jim hayden's beatles anthology collection that i have to get through, but that's hours and hours of viewing. i saw the beatles episodes when they came out on the ed sullivan show. great stuff. it's funny to see the girls go nuts over them, grabbing their hair, crying and shaking their's crazy stuff. what a scene it must have been in 1964 in american to have the moptops making their first appearance in the states.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

dog show

dawnie and i went to a GR for a dog show. it was oodles of poodles and i don't have another dog name to rhyme. bt we saw dobermans, german shepherds, terries galore, sheep dogs, a lovely great dane and loads of other dogs.

we went up on the stands to watch the judging but found a better place. we searched out the place where th dogs are being groomed and readied. that was a nicer place. we got up close, touched some of the dogs and saw others being primped for the show.

i like dogs but prefer cats. however, there were some really nice dogs there and perhaps it warmed my heart to dogs. i was fond of the great dane; though; i doubt if we'd ever have a dog like that. it's huge and would csot lots of money to keep up. how about a terrier? a jack russell? eddie anyone???

we saw this pyriennes (spelling??). i was a nice pouch. it had a long, big head and snout and saddish eyes. but it looked so content as it was being groomed.

saw minnie's distant relative, a tiny chihuahua. runty little thing.
also enjoyed the pomeranian. such a little bugger with a pointy nose.

so we've now seen both a dog show and a cat show (in texas). we're looking for a cat show again. can't get enough of the feisty critters.