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Sunday, November 13, 2005

dog show

dawnie and i went to a GR for a dog show. it was oodles of poodles and i don't have another dog name to rhyme. bt we saw dobermans, german shepherds, terries galore, sheep dogs, a lovely great dane and loads of other dogs.

we went up on the stands to watch the judging but found a better place. we searched out the place where th dogs are being groomed and readied. that was a nicer place. we got up close, touched some of the dogs and saw others being primped for the show.

i like dogs but prefer cats. however, there were some really nice dogs there and perhaps it warmed my heart to dogs. i was fond of the great dane; though; i doubt if we'd ever have a dog like that. it's huge and would csot lots of money to keep up. how about a terrier? a jack russell? eddie anyone???

we saw this pyriennes (spelling??). i was a nice pouch. it had a long, big head and snout and saddish eyes. but it looked so content as it was being groomed.

saw minnie's distant relative, a tiny chihuahua. runty little thing.
also enjoyed the pomeranian. such a little bugger with a pointy nose.

so we've now seen both a dog show and a cat show (in texas). we're looking for a cat show again. can't get enough of the feisty critters.