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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

ok, i've slacked

as sonia pointed out, i have slacked off on this blog. i don't know why. it's not like i've forgotten about writing in here. guess i've just put it off. either way, not a good thing. i will be more conscientious.

we're heading into the middle of november and the weather's getting chillier. the colors are gone, or really on their way out many trees are bare. i noticed this on the way to work last wek. in between some trees that still have their yellow and orange leaves, there are some that are bare - like the big one in front of our house. the poor huge animal is devoid of leaves. peak colors were probably about two weeks ago. i kept wanting to take pics of the colors, especially down 12th st. on the way to the lib. great area for pics.

and on the news last night, i heard the weather guy say there could be some wet snow thursday. i'll keep ou on top of that one. i guess it's time for it. we didn't get our big snow last year until the night before thanksgiving. a whooping 12 inches of snow. we'll see this year what happens.

still waiting on the features job situation. jcr at work also applied and got interviewed for the position. i have the materials rick asked for (three features articles i thought were cool). i'll give them to him today. i actually chose one from the corpus paper, and one from san antonio.

waitig for the bransens (on the amazing race) to either win or lose. i'm keeping up with it for work. we do a small story or brief at the paper. they're down to five teams and tonight is a two-hour episode. don't know if they're off or not. either way, it will be tough if they're booted off because the show will finish at 11 eastern and will not give me much time to write something. last time i tried calling, the mom said she wanted to wait a few minutes after the show was over. i will need to call her and set up something before hand, so that i can talk with her, her husband and lindsay if they get booted off before it's time, otherwise, i'll be rushed like crazy to get something in.

and i'm still waiting for gary hogeboom. i really need to get a hold of him for survivor. if i don't contact him or his family before he's out or wins, i will be SOL when the day comes. troubles troubles.