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Monday, October 24, 2005

dan's hitched

we drove to clinton and chelsea saturday with alan and krista for dan and corinne's wedding. very nice wedding and reception. since they are different religions, they had both a catholic priest (for dan) and a pastor for corinne. i think it was a church of christ church.

we drove about 30 minutes to the reception. we had a sentinel table. it was the four of us and we were joined by dennis and mark, who drove down together. we were also jioned by former reporter amanda and her husband. dan remained friends with her after she left the paper. it was interesting to see all of us guys in tuxes. first time seeing old mark in a tux. and i know you'll read this. the women looked lovely.

we had some drinks and a few dances. dawnie and i danced a couples dance. the dj would say anyone one year married? and the couples dancing who'd been married a year would have to sit. it was funny beause dawn and i sat down when the guy said three years or less. i had convinced dawn we'd been married two years and three months, instead of three years and three months. either way, we danced. and later we danced a couple of slow songs, including an elvis song (fools rush in).

each table had its own disposable camera. we used ours rather well. i thik dennis had the most pics taken of the people at the table. i had a great shot of my watch laid out on the tble. it was something like 9:12 p.m. or something.

on our way back we had an extra passenger. turns out old dennis got lucky (as we knew he would with some chick) and so mark had to bum a ride back with us. so dawn, me and krista were squeezed in the back seat. and i got to eat my first white castle (that wasn't frozen in a box).

spent today lazy. only stepped out to put trash by the curb. watched astros go down again. perhaps their pennant was short-lived. oh well. at least they went beyond the cardinals. sorry benson. heh heh