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Friday, October 07, 2005

pumpkinfest part 1

i was assigned to go to zeeland to write something up about the pumpkinfest they have there. i had no angle and was sorta hesitant about writing something. the main events are friday (pumpkin seed spitting and pumpkin pie eating). but i went out there with dennis and thought i'd see what i'd get.

the weather cooperated. it was hot, at least for MI this time of year, yesterday and the thought of being at the pumpkinfest with hot weather bummed me. but lo and behold, the cool weather blew in wednesday night. it was perfect out there. felt like real fall with a wind tunnel being formed by the downtown buildings and wind coming out of the west with a vengeance. (last year when i covered the pumpkin seed spitting contest, it was nice and toasty).

but upon arriving i found my story. kids were running everywhere and decided it might be a "kids' day at pumpkinfest story." and i sorta went that way. but i focused on the tractor pull for kids. they would get in a miniature tractor and pull a tailer with weights in a large container. the weight went up to 250 pounds. i centered my story on that. it worked out. i weaved in some color and some quotes from other kids doing other activities and it came together quickly back at the office (it had to because i also have to watch "survivor" because of gary hogeboom, who's sort of a local and i have to write a brief every week he's on it).

i really like pumpkinfest. i'm glad zeeland has it. it gives the kids and parents something fun to do during this weekend. and tha's cool. got to get in all the fun you can before winter sets in. i think that's one of the reasons people hae lots of fun stuff and events during the fall.


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