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Thursday, October 06, 2005

the fire part 2

this is the first time i have had two back-to-back articles in the paper about fires. i was ready to head off to a meeting in laketown when the scanner sounded that there was smoke coming out of a residence on river and 19th st.

peg freaked because her house in on that block. she gave me a ride over. turns out it was a house about three down from hers on the corner of the cul-de-sac. still, they gve no address on the scanner, so she was unsure.

this fire was very minor compared to the one tuesday night. this one was a house and there was one renter living downstairs. fire appeared to have been caused by the dryer. the guy left it on while he went out for coffee. fire damage was limited to that laundry room area.

it was a relatively easy story to write. this one made page two. but dennis' photo made the front. it was a good shot.

when i found out it was a dryer fire, i became a little nervous. i get freaked about that kind of fire. i dunno why. i guess because i hear about too many of them. dennis said he's going to get renter's insurance now. i think yesterday's apt. fire really hit home, especially since a lot of these folks lost their entire belongings.

got plenty of thumbs up from the first fire story. krista, olivia and jcr said they liked it. jim t. even stopped by and said i did a good job pulling iit all together. had all the right elements in it.


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