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Friday, September 30, 2005

what the fah!!

so i'm changing a flat tire in our car tonight because dawn has a gig in the morning. it's late, after midnight, and it's cold and we're out there doing this thing. three lug nuts loosen easily. the fourth, of course, does not. i go back and forth on it and it's sorta loose. then i apply pressure and it moves. but i realize something's up.

it's dark and i reach down to feel for the bolt where the lug nut goes. guess what? no bolt. no lug nut. both had come off. dawn found the lug nut still screwed into this bolt. they were still attched to each other. i dunno shit about cars or anything but this is weird stuff. i didn't panic or think of the money to fix it. i'm getting better at it. but i'm pretty freaked about it. i don't have that much strength that i'd be able to rip off the entire thing. i think it was either defective or when the dealership people rotated the tires two trip[s back, it got somehow tightened to a point where it wouldn't come off. so i gotta make a few calls tomorrow. in the meantime, dawn is driving to her gig on the spare doughnut with this fourth bolt missing. i do worry about it. but it's anintown gig and she'll have to go slow.

then some shit happened in the basement. i smelled something. then dawn went down to put patns in the dryer. she discovered some standing water. there was some leak somewhere and it was putrid. i thought he smell was the cat boxes. however, i'd cleaned them at noon today. so it was this smelly water. dunno where it came from. we ran all the faucets and tub and flushed the toilet. nothing. but it came from above because dawn had her wooden shoes on the second level of a shelf and there was water inside of them. so who knows. another phone call to the landlord.

at work, same ole thing for me. the most interesting thing i covered was the library will no longer charge for VHS tape rentals. good news there.

there was a murder in holland twp. poor 70-year-old woman found dead in her garage. she'd been a nurse here for over 50 years. the police have a "person of interest" in ustody. what a shame about the woman.