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Saturday, September 10, 2005


the number contiues to tumble and i'm absolutely thrilled. dad went back to the doctor this week after taking more blood work and the doc came in with a smile and said he was pleased to say that the cancer cell count had continued to drop and he was responding to the treatment. he had one more round of treatment in two weeks.

the number has dropped from 700 to 75 and now to 45. he is taking a vacine with his chemo called avastin used to shrink tumors from colorectal cancer that has metastized.

he sounds so good right now. he's not been affected too much by the treatment. he is gatiged at times and he does have a low white blood cell count that will require some injections next week. but he didn't lose his hair and hasn't experienced vomiting or nausea. he was very happy about that.

i can't put into words really how i feel about this change. i guess the pessimist in me can't qite believe it. i keep waiting for the bottom to fall, since it has all been a shock. however, the potimist in me says screw the pessimist in me and to accept the news and go with it. i will listen to the optimist and say screw the pessimist.


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