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Monday, August 29, 2005

dad's cancer cell count

i got a quick update from my mom this afternoon. my dad had a doc's appointment with the oncologist to check his cancer cell count in his blood. he'd a had a blood test last week. today was going to determine if the cell count was up, the same, or down. it was going to be a deciding day.

it turns out his cancer cell count was 75. it is waaaaay down from the 500 that was read after the first chemo sessions. it was discouraging then because it appeared it might not be working. however, the doctor was optimistic after today. i will speak with him this week and my mother didn't give too much detail since she was sick, but he had a choice of sticking with the chemo or stopping (duno why there). he chose to continue it. tomorrow will be his fourth set to treatments. i'm very pleased that results are positive.

more later after i talk with the doctor.


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