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Sunday, August 28, 2005

are you ready for some football

friday night, i had my first sports assignment at the paper. i saw my name affixed to it earlier in the week and panicked. it was the inaugural game of holland an dholland christian's football rivalry. they've never played each other in fotball since HC has only had a team for three years.

i confirmed the assignmetn with alan, the sports ed. and he said since dan's uncle died and couldn't attend the game, i was going to do it. our ME sat down with me and told meof the importance of the game/story. i got a bit nervous. i know football and the general rules.

my assignment was ot to cover the game, exactly, but to get fan reaction to a new rivalry and get a general feel and color for and of the game. dawn dropped me off and in i went, surrounded by people in red shirts (holland) and people in maroon shirts (HC).

i made my way over to the HC side and ran into leo, who was covering the game for sports. i tagged along and met up with the holland AD, who i got quotes from. then i made my way around the fence and the holland superintendent called out to me and i went over and talked with him and the hs principal.

the rest of the night went well fo rme. i got my quotes and even talked to a mom who's son ws playing for HC but those daughter graduated from holland cheered on the opposite side. it was a gold mine. i ended up using her story as the lead-in to my article, which i really enjoyed and thought was well-done. a rare but good feeling at the end of an evening.

and the score,you say? well, let's say the HC side was pumped up and screaming. the holland side was subdued. holland had little to cheer about. they lost the game 34-7 and have extended their losing streak. they've yet to win a game in three years.

the game still was no friday night lights. not the same insane intensity as texas high school football. but that's OK. texas football is just too intense.


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