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Sunday, August 07, 2005

'living in a box"

called home today and got good stuff from the family. i always like to hear what my niece and nephew are up to.
my brother and his family are living in a small apt. while they have their house built at the ranch. they moved in some time in june. they're the same apts where dawn lived before we married.

my niece and nephew are used to the open spaces of the ranch. they had their double-wide, the acre around it, my parents' home and yard and my aunt's home and yard to parade through. now they're in the small, crampt apt.
someone asked my niece how it was going living at the apt. she replied: "it's ok. but it's like living in a box."

my nephew had both a good and bad day today. he'd prepared himself, all of six years old, to go to the ranch with his dad and his papa. he's one of the boys. he'd eaten, put on his cap, took some oreo cookies with him, two juices, and he was on his merry way.

he remarked that "today was the best day of his life." that's cool. to be young and free.
then, he came back to my parents' house and he was out with my brother while he was working with a calf in a corral. noney bees started flying around him. he swatted at them and got stung twice on the head. he later changed his mind on the day, remarking, "today's the worst day of my life."

kids say the more interesting and impromptu things. can't ever find those phrases or anything candid kids say on a script.


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