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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Dawnie and me

Married three years now. Time sure passes quickly and we've gone all over the place. I've been taken places I've never thought I'd go. Never thought I'd live in Michigan near the big lake, 1,500 miles from where I was born. Or, that I'd be open to other worlds as much as I have, worlds like love, friendship, music, travel, books, cats and many other things (oh how can I forget X-files and Next Generation).
And it started out...On a Stephen King posting board I started on EW back in 2000. She lived in Maryland and me in Texas. It started out harmlessly enough as postings about King's books, then e-mails, then messaging, phone calls, then visiting and finally moving to Texas.
It looks like it happened quickly but it took quite a bit of time. I first became aware of Dawn back in July 2000. We didn't e-mail until January 2001 (took me a lot of time to finally ask her for her e-mail, coward I was).
It took another three months to get her to message me. She wasn't into it. On her birthday, though, I sent her an e-greetings, which was a surprise for her. While I was online,I sent her another e-mail that Friday night with the final time I'd ask her to get messenger. I sent it. Seconds later, I got this message from...her. She was downloading messenger when I sent her the e-mail. So cool.
We soon found out we had tons of things in common. That first night online lasted eight or nine hours on the computer. It was magical. It kept going and going. We did it again the next night.
I then told her if she wanted to talk some time. I gave her my number, hoping she'd give me hers. Bam! It worked. On a Sunday night, we set up a time to chat on real time. We talked pretty much every day since then.
We met up in San Antonio the weekend after Easter. It was the first time I'd done something crazy like leaving home and meeting someone in a large city. That was big for a square like me, whose craziest exploits until then were going to heavy metal concerts every once in awhile.
We had a great three and a half days then. We did it again for Memorial Day weekend, same place near the river in San Antonio, same days of the week. Dawn, who had planned to move to Chicago where her sister Laura lived, told me she planned to move down to Texas. A big smile crossed my face.
She found a teaching job quickly enough. We got married the following July we got married. Where else would we marry than in San Antonio in a small wedding at the Church of La Villita. Beautiful place. We stayed at the same bed and breakfast where had first seen each other 15 months before.
After a stay in Texas, we moved up to Michigan. It's been quite a change from culture to environment and weather. But I like it. It has given me a broader view of life, having now experienced all of these other things.
And so here we are five years later, three married, and living a world away. Growing up in a ranch with a mind still not even begun to explore life, I never would have thought I'd be where I am today. I've made large strides. Thanks Dawnie.


Anonymous aunt lynda said...

Roel, you are a blessing for our family. I am so grateful Dawn found you. I wish many many years of love and devotion to you both. You are by far the most sensational couples that I know.

10:08 PM

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