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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Harry potter mania, man

Yes, we bought the book. I got off work at midnight, hmm great timing, and then headed off to B & N to get our copy. Dawn got her book and I got the audio. We only waited in line for about 30 minutes with other fans, mostly adults, which was kind of nice. I think the kids all got their books first, since they probably registered months ago for this event. We had ticket number 282.
The store was jumping with activities early, too. I got sent out on assignment (sans wizard garb) to cover the story. It's BIG man, and I'm part of the history books now when people read the paper in later generations.
There I was,standing between woman dressed like Madam Hooch (a mother from the Chicago area) and young boys galore dressed like Potter. He's a favorite for some reason.
I got my quotes quickly enough, chatting with the mom and her kids, a kid who was dressed like Potter and this girl who was covered all in black (even her face was covered) and was pretending to be a Dementor. That was quite original, I thought.
The interesting part of the interviews (which I really didn't use more in my article) was the kids' ferocity and belief that Sirius Black is not dead. Most want him back. I guess I don't' blame them. Also, the Dementor girl is a Snape fan. I dug that, since I am, too.
I was not surprised by the kids there as much as I was by the number of adults dressed like Potter book characters. Most were decked out in capes or dressed in black like witches. I think it's great that an adult can be a kid again, especially in these times when we're all up tight over politics and war and terrorism. Potter acts as a release from all of these things and emotions. I wish we had more of it. It's the type of thing where all worries and views are set aside and smiles replace worry lines.
There was a definite aura of happiness at the B&N last night. I wish we had more of that stuff going on.
So now, I'm in a race with Dawn to finish up the book. I'm lagging behind. She's reading while I'm on here tapping away. But my advantage is that while she falls asleep quickly at night, I can stay up listening to the tapes and surpass her.
Viva Snape!


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