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Friday, July 15, 2005

New beginning...Woes temporarily solved

I wrote like a madman yesterday, even if it was for about 45 minutes. Still, the machine's wheels were churning, the pistons pumping, the fuels burning, man.
Dawn and I had a good talk a few days ago that changed a lot about the book. Now, I am adding a new beginning; I've already started it and will probably finish the prologue today. I am adding a few new characters right off the bat, changing the police chief's family life around, also putting him in the story before the crime. It will make him more accountable, at least in the eyes of certain people. And instead of stringing the story along for a year, I'm narrowing it down to a five-month period or so. I just finished 'Salem's Lot and realized that the book, with the exception of the prologue and epilogue, takes place in a very short span of time. That got me thinking to begin with, even before our talk.
I'm much more at ease with this beginning. It's more striking and gripping before settling into the story. I think now I'm making it a story more about the town and its people than only with the crime itself. I can flesh out more storylines.
But I still face the same insecurities about failure that seem to plague me constantly. I wish I could overcome that. It's hard, though. I should just think about this as an ongoing newspaper article that doesn't end and maybe that will help me accomplish what I need to. We'll see. There has been too many false starts. I think that perhaps this one did the trick.


Blogger Jess said...

Don't be afraid, dude. As Moadib leans in Dune: Fear is the mind-killer. And you need that mind of yours to write!

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