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Monday, July 11, 2005

Out for a ride

My wife and I decided to get out Sat. afternoon. We were being lazy and sitting around (we'd gotten up early waiting for the rescue mission guy to pick up our old couch) and then did a little garage sale-ing.
We headed south near Fennville to an old antique place on M-89. We found nothing. The place is wicked, having three levels and full of stuff. It's sensory overload, really. It's amazing that some things considered junk sell for $10 or $20. There's a spot where there are lots of old books. Each time we've been there, I look around for an old Hemingway book, but I'm not lucky enough.
We left but based on a co-worker's recommendation, decided to travel across to visit an old cemetery. We got lost, of course, since I really didn't have proper directions, and we, instead, ended up on a short patch or road that deadended (it was a private road). However, we found one of the most beautiful stretches of land overlooking Lake Michigan yet for me. The road was mere feet from the bluff that overlooked the lake below. My wife said it reminded her of the Pacific coast highway. It was truly an awesome sight. We couldn't' stop to admire for long since it was a private road. It was a wonder to see the blue water and waves more than a hundred feet below us and stretching out to the horizon.
We finally got on track after calling my coworker and found the cemetery. It turned out to be in the opposite direction. It was a small cemetery, quaint and quiet, surrounded by large pines. Its entrance is marked by a horse-shoe shaped piece of iron, which can easily be missed since the canopy covers part of the narrow road. Some of the graves reach back to the 1870s or earlier. My friend said that back in the day the bodies of dead seamen washed up on the shore and the men were buried in the spot where the cemetery is today.
It was a short trip but it got us out of the house and we saw a few places we hadn't yet seen out here, since we've only been in the area for a year and a half.
Today was blah. Lots of housework, laundry, dishes, trash. Some of the usual for a Sunday afternoon before getting back to the work week.
But we did get to see the The Next Generation episode where the Borg makes its appearance. Cool stuff. But it didn't yet say its signature phrase: Resistance is futile.


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