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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

What's up with my Dad?

Holy shit! I talked to my dad this afternoon (he answered the phone) and I was pleasantly surprised by his voice. He was upbeat and talkative.
His voice was strong and he was laughing and chatting away about going off to the other ranch with his brother Rene. I think I was caught so much off guard that I didn't know what to say. So I accepted what he was saying it and how he said it and shook my head in pleasant disbelief.
It really is amazing how he sounded.He said he felt the best he's felt in months -- certainly since all of this business began with the pain in his liver and the subsequent diagnosis. He spoke nothing about any pain in his stomach, so I'm assuming it's gone for now. How I wish the damned tumors in his liver would shrink with the chemo. That would be the best news.
He said he has been walking down the road as much as he can, despite the heat, visiting the other ranch with my brother, eating more food and even getting a little ornery at a comment his sister made about my dad talking too low (his reply was "she can't hear very well anyway.).
He talked for a good thirty to forty minutes, the most I've spoken with him in a very long time. And we talked about everything from the weather to their dog Dottie.
I know he will have ups and downs, but after having a long down, it's sure good to hear him sound on such a high. And since it was our third wedding anniversary today, I believe hearing my dad's voice so upbeat was quite the treat.


Blogger Jess said...

So glad your dad is doing well! Happy belated wedding anniversary!

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