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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Hmmm, tough day??

It's been Potter overload. In my effort to finish it by tonight (Dawn's niece R.P. is coming over to discuss it tomorrow), I've tired myself out. I've done pretty much nothing but read, read, read, all day. I had to put it aside and take care of some other things around the house. I'm two tapes away from the end and I guess I was getting a bit annoyed at Harry and his usual distrust of Snape. He does it all the time and then in the end of the book,he finds out otherwise about Snape. I guess that's getting a little old. I can't say much else since there are no loose ends to talk about, being as how I've not finished it.
Got a call from my mom this evening. It was sad. The phone rang and then stopped and then started up again. It was her. She was crying. She said my dad, as he was sitting down to eat, began to shed tears and become emotional, so she hung up and consoled him.
Turns out my dad saw my brother outside working with the cattle in a corral. He moved a small calf by carrying it and my dad became emotional. I guess he wishes he could be out there helping him (he'd do it in a second) and also he's proud and happy that my brother is out there helping him, especially on a day off from work, because he could be home resting. I give my brother a lot of credit for what he's doing. He's taken over and doing what he has to do, in addition to taking care of his family and work. And he puts in a way more than 40 hours in a week.. But if you ask him, he'll tell you that he's doing nothng special. Well, Robert, even though you like working at the ranch, here's a big hug for you, man. You're making your dad very happy, bro.
Tomorrow dad starts his first chemo session. Here's hoping it all goes well.


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