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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Smurf those remakes!

So this summer we've had so many remakes,that going to the movies sucks, which is probably just as well since movie-going can be expensive.
This summer we've had everything from a revamped Samantha Stephens to a new Boss Hogg. I don't like any of it. Hollywood isn't original anymore. All producers, directors and screenwriters have to do is put a magic finger on a certain movie year or TV season (about 20 years old or more) and it's done.
And then they have a hour and a half movie script, add in sorta lookalikes, famous name movie stars and debut the new movie in the summer when it's sure to cash in on the moolah.
What a way to make a whore of Hollywood.
This summer we've seen remakes of "Bewitched," "Dukes of Hazzard," "The Bad News Bears (coming up)," "Charley and the Chocolate Factory" and "The Longest Yard."
It seems Hollywood can't get enough of the past. It must take a make endless remakes.
There will be no other Boss Hogg than Sorell Brooke and no other Willy Wonka than the great Gene Wilder.
But wait...what lies in the distant horizon? A...Smurfs movie?
Holy shit yeah! Now that would be cool. Those little blue creatures were da bomb
back when I was a kid. I saw them until I got into high school or when I really stopped waking up early on Saturday mornings.
I was only 10 when the Smurfs started appearing on TV but I remember them so vividly. My favorite was Handy Smurf, my least favorite was Brainy Smurf. I thought Gargamel was great. And I remember when Smurfette came along to mix things up. Then there was that bald giant who kept running amok throughout the countryside. His name escapes me right now.
Now that would be a great thing to redo. They've been out of the limelight for some time (at least with me) and it would be refreshing to see them on the big screen. I guess it would be an escape from this time into another.
I have a soft spot for those cartoons of my younger years. I'd love to see a Thundar the Barbarian movie, too. The whole idea behind it was dark. I saw King Kong (1933) and it reminded me of Thundar. There was an episode where they came across these large hairy arms and ape body. It turned out to be the remnants of King Kong from the movies. It was great to see that in the apocalyptic world of Thundar.
I'd love to see a Transformers movie. One is supposed to be coming out and it might be fun.


Blogger Jess said...

so, when Hollywood makes these cartoon movies for you, will they be animation or big-named starz?

Who'll play the part of Smurfette?

You know, the porn industry will have a field day if these movies do come out. (no pun intended)

and.... did you just use the phrase "da bomb"? oh, my!

11:33 PM


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