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Saturday, August 06, 2005

the woes

dawnie and i had severals long conversations about my writing over the past few days. still feeling crappy about writing. i'm such a downer. i'm beginning to feel that sometimes nothing will come of my ideas but turn to mush in my already mushy brain.

dawn's confident, tho. she's pointed out some things i could be doing that i'm not doing. sometimes i think she (a former teacher) would have a better gig writing than me. she's more analytical and thoughtful than i am. i simply rush forward blindly without regard.

i have done some revising and now changed my POV on my story. i will write my outline and move forward, never minding if dialogue and other things are left out or unfinished for now and let it all move ahead. see where that takes me.

in the meantime, we're looking into magazine article writing. she'll be good at it. i will attempt some and see how it goes. but i'm happy dawn is jumping into the writing ring. it will give us another commonality.

McGee here i come, with full disregard. heh heh


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