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Friday, July 29, 2005

What do I read next???

I'm in a heap of trouble. I can't seem to find a book to read. It's a problem I've had for the past several months.
I can't recall the last good book I read all the way through. I've resorted to rereading books, and while I don't mind doing that, I'd like to space them out in between the books I've never read before.
I reread "The Church of Dead Girls" and am now rereading Erik Larson's "The Devil and the White City." I love those books but I want to read them on my terms, not because I have nothing else toread.
The Holland library is great and has a lot of boosk on tape. But I couldn't settle on anything. It's nothing new. I walk back home disappointed. I've reached some impass and have no remedy for it right now.
And Harry Potter doesn't county. I was done reading it before I even knew what happened. I did it that way so I could hold a conversation with Dawn and RP. And even if I had taken my time reading it, a week later I would have been done with it anyway.
I'm beating my brains for any author I haven't read yet. Being an lit. major, you'd think there would be tons of choices. The library has a book or two by Dostoyevsky and I'd love to start reading the Russians (Tolstoy). But do I really want to spend a month on one book? That's how long it'll take me to read one of theirs.
I'm done reading the Crichton books for now, although when his newest book comes out on tape I'll probably read it. I can't get into Grisham (although I've read a few of his books).
I ran across the title "Something Wicked This Way Comes." I tried that book many years ago and failed at reading it. Perhaps it's time to read it.
Or maybe, as Dawn just suggested, look at one of the appendixes at the back of King's Danse Macabre. He's got some good horror books. The problem is can I find them on tape (I'll explain why I need them on tape for those of you reading this and don't know about me ina future blog entry).
Hemingway? I've read them all. Most anyway. Faulkner? Haven't really tapped that vein yet. Maybe some time soon. since I'm reading about Chicago, maybe Sister Carrie.


Blogger Jess said...

Did you ever read King of the Mild Frontier : An Ill-Advised Autobiography by Chris Crutcher like I recommended? You'll laugh.

9:36 PM


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