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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


my experience with panhandlers is very limited t0 none. but last night i got one foolish idiot asking for cash.
earlier in the evening, dawn called me at work and said she managed to put gas in the car at only $2.41 (all over town is was already $2.55). she said some man at the corner of the block was asking for some cash because his car ran out of gas and needed to make his way to grand rapids.
dawn's got a big heart, so she said she'd fill up a one gallon can for him. she did and when she returned, he went off on his bike with it. returning later with it empty but said it wasn't going to be enough. dawn then gave him a couple of dollars in pennies and he was on his way.
dawn said she went around the area where his car was but couldn't find it. also, she said another guy was coming up the street with a gallon of gas (presumabley for this man). in exchange for the gas, he offered dawn his watch in the mean time.

wel, last night about 1:30, we were getting ready for bed and i went out to close the front door and lock the scren door. this guy out front says, "can you help me out, my car ran out of gas and i need to get to grand rapids. i'll give you my watch." same damn dialogue from the same old loser.
i was irritated by it because i recognized who it was by what he was saying. i told him he'd already come by and asked for money in this area. he denied it. dawn looked at him and said yes he was the same guy. he denied. i got angry and said we weren't going to give him money. he went away grumbling.

i was really pissed off that this idiot had the gall to panhandle for money, trying to play on the sympathies of people and gip them. then this idiot is stupid enough to return 7 hours later and by chance see me by the porch area and ask for money. hell, by that time of morning he could have pedled his way to GR on the damn bike. and furthermore, if he was on his way to GR in a car, where thehell did the bike come from? if he's visiting friends, why not go back to their house for help?

i was further angered by his indignant attitude toward me for calling him out that he'd already geen around here. instead of wasting his time and panhandling for some cash and a couple of gallons of gas (on a day where it rose 14 cents, which could be why he decided to attempt that silliness), he should be out trying to get a job and better himself.

i know there are people in need of money and help, i am all for helping out people when they need it. IF they need it and they're not trying to rip people off. it's people like this moron that makes it hard for the people who really need help.

i was so tempted to call the cops but worried that maybe he'd come back and retaliate by doing something to the car. he'd better not come back though.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Roel, can I borrow a few bucks until payday? I'll make it up to you, I swear...

12:32 AM


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