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Monday, August 08, 2005

gotta get a bell for 'Trina

the brat cat disappeared last night after i went out the back door to check something out. i let her go out and dawn followed me out and we started looking at the small plastic pool our upstairs neighbor has (there's a turtle in it) and when we went back towards the open door, she was gone. it's not like her to just pop back inside.
it was already dark and we looked around the edgesof the house and up to the front. nothing. i started panicking that maybe she'd slipped away -- and she's de-clawed in her front paws. i had vividd images ofher being torn up by some crazy tom around the neighborhood.
after some searching, dawn found her underneath a big Dumpster in our driveway (our landlord is tearing up the roof and there's a lot of material there). it took some clapping of hands and she finally got inside.
dawn suggested we maybe get tags and a bell for her. we tried once for fun and she absoutely hated it.
this morning our landlord came over and the front door was open while dawn talked with him. i was still asleep. but about an hour later, i'm trying to find her and can't.
panic all over again.
we tried everything, even opening a can of tuna. the sound of it opening always gets both cats meowing and jumping around for the juices we eventually give them.
didn't work.
went all around the outside of the house. nothing. but there is this big pile of broken shingles and i envisioned her dead underneath the wreckage.
i decided to recheck the basement again. this time i opened the door that leads to the bigger room downstairs and there she was stadning by the door on the other side. she quickly ran by me and went up the stairs. i don't know how she went into that room. the only opening on the wall is about five feet high near the door. but it would have to be a hell of a jump.
we gotta keep an eye on her every time we open the door to make sure she's not by the door and if she goes out, pop her back in an quickly as she went out.
crazy cat.


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