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Monday, August 15, 2005

dad update

dad went to the emergency room friday morning.he complained of pain across his abdomen. that's where he's got the tumors in his liver and where he'd had the pain before.

docs checked him out and took x-rays and blod. everything came out fine. the pain was attributed to either the chemo or spasms in his lver. i spoke with him late friday night and he sounded better.

he goes for his three set of chemo sessions later today and tuesday. so far he's been doing well and has yet to be affected by te chemo. i only hope that it is doing its job on the tumors. sometimes i wish my dad had agreed to a second opinion with another oncologist in san antonio or houston. that upsets me somewhat. it has since i heard he didn't want one. it never hurts to ask another doctor.

my mother sounded distressed today. she said my dad looked pensive, serious and aybe in pain while in church. she approached him and asked. he said he was fine. i think maybe she's wondering about the chemo and its effects, i dunno. i think friday's trip to the emergency room my has scared her and she's afraid of what the doctor will say this week.

it's all faith and hope. it's funny because members of my family may think i'm a heathen for not attending church or that i've strayed from the path of correctness or my moral ways are now corrupt. but i do have faith and hope when it comes to my father. i don't think anyone really knows how much of each i have inside. i think without faith and hope any situation is lost. i was happy to hear from my mother that dad said he's not giving up and will(to use the cliche) fight the cancer.

how i wish things were different right now.