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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


talked to my sister today. she had her first doctor's visit as a pregnant woman. she and her husband got to hear the baby's heartbeat. arnold said it was going very fast. they both got a kick out of was a special moment for them.

linda said the doctor thinks she's about 11 weeks pregnant. she has an sonogram tomorrow to get a look at what the baby looks like. it's pretty exciting. it's a shame we can't be there for this part of it, but according to the doctor, the baby is due around march 31. if all goes well with dad, then we'll go in april down to texas and we'd get to see the baby.

arnold seems to think it's a boy. the boy names are still being tossed around. arnold likes alejandro, which is really
cool. other names are funny and linda does not want them or like them. linda already has her name if it's a girl, emma grace. i like that name. as linda pointed out to my mom, i'd end up calling the child Em. she's right. it's me.

in other news, started a short story that was generated by john robbins here at work. he told me the story of him and his buddy trying to pick up chicks back in the day. i liked the story so much that i told him i'd fictionalize it. i would also make the characters hispanic. i started today and enjoyed it. a lot of it is easy because i'm following his lead. but i want to make characters interwoven throughout a series of stories. we'll see where it goes.


Anonymous Sonia said...


Tell Arnold that baby girls have faster heartbeats than baby least that is what my Dr told me when I was pregnant w/ all three of my kids....he was right every time, even though we could not tell the gender by the sonogram. Either way a healthy baby is what matters most....By the way, Emma Grace is a beautiful name!!!!! Sonia

9:47 AM

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