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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

the rolling stones

ok, so it's taken me until my mid-30s to discover the stones. yeah, i'm lame, i know. don't remind me. i got into the beatles some years back when dawn introduced me to Abbey Road and Lennon's greatest hits.

but for some reason, i never got into the stones besides the usual songs i'd listen to back in texas (satisfaction and start me up) and those dont' count. so i started hearing steones' songs on the radio every time i'd turn on the radio. i thought it was destiny that maybe we'd see them in concert. that probably isnt' going to happen unless we win free ticket (too expensive). so next best thing: greatest hits.

check herrick and it didn't have any greatest hits or any of the libraries in the system. i asked around and nothing. finally asked mark at work and he said he had the greatest hits 40 licks. it took some searching but he finally found it in a cabinet and i now own a copy.

it rocks like nobody's business. i like the bluesy style of their songs. i'll admit they're loud sometimes and many times their music annoyed me because of its loudness. but now, that's put aside and i listen to them for the music itself. as jim hayden (the biggest beatles fan i know) said about the stones: they're all sex, drugs and rock n roll. they are.

never got to see the beatles (obviously) but since the stones are still around, i'd like to see them some time. something to tell the cats when we're old.


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