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Monday, September 19, 2005

sunday night

or should i say monday morning. jeez, it's damned late, but here i am still at this thing. i thought i'd post. i'd been a freaking week since i posted. shame on me.

got back from peg's late. she invited dawn and me for dinner. great meal. and we got to meet her son and some of his friends. then good always is good.

dawn's back at work. school started two weeks ago and she's had several gigs subbing. i'm glad she enjoys it.she found her niche after she got the hang of it last year.

me? still doing my thing. season's changing around here. air cooler and leaves are either falling or changing. changing really early, too.supposed to be because of the dry conditions. who knows. and since the atmosphere around is changing so is the atmosphere at the paper. seasons affect everything and everyone. moods shift. i think at this point we know winter's coming and we must take full advantage of the time left to be out and about, enjoy the cool air and the sun, our skin still feeling sulinght on it, before it pales for the following five months.

there is such a closed in feeling when winter arrives, especially the snow. it's sorta claustrophobic at times and everything is small, enclosed. but there is still time to spread the wings and take the deep breath, let the cool air hit the face with solid force.

it's still good to hear the boats out on the lake. soon enough the roar of their motors will sound no more -- at least for half the year. the sound of children will no longer esonate thorugh kollen park, their laughter will cease, penned up in their throats, confined to their rooms.

and the tiny creatures will be gone, hiberating for the winter. squirrel chatter is muffled and mute. birds' calls coming out only when food is plentiful.

so for now, we'll have our fun, we'll do what we have to to enjoy the outdoors.
and the weekend is gone. the week looms ahead. meetings and such, scribbles and notes, stories and gripes. oh well.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, winter's in Michigan suck :( I'm ready though. I'm so tired of all this hot weather!


10:35 AM


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