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Thursday, September 29, 2005

last night

it turned out Ok last night at the city hall. i had to relieve john twice. once it was early on for a little over an hour and then later for about 45 minutes.

dawn gave me a ride there because it was pouring. no media except for old myron was there. the tv people weren't at the event yet. turned out the union talks didn't begin until 8p.m. - two hours late. i left and the returned at 10:30. by then it was a frenzy of tv people. there were wires leadinng in and out of city hall and cameras and lighting umbrellas and lights all over the place. all the tv stations were out there and i got to see the australian woman from kalamazoo and rachael ruiz from channel 8. she's a little thing. it's funny when you see these people on the tube because they always look different in real life.

i kept to myself and wanted to get out of there. too much activity for me. luckily john came by close to 11:30 and i walked back in the rain. it was a relatively easy assignment. good thing nothing major occured when i was there. (the talks will continue some time in october).

it rained like crazy yesterday evening and into the night. it started at 6 and continued into nearly 1 a.m. we needed it badly. it is also cool outside now. feels like autumn.

wel, i'm off to the library board meeting soon enough.hopefully it'll be uneventful. we'l see. tonight i also get to watch survivor and report on howe our local boy gary hogeboom does on tonight's show. he really screwed up last week when he lied about being a football quarterback. that might come back and bite him in the ass. we'l see.


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