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Thursday, September 22, 2005

lost and urricanes

just got through watching the season opener of Lost. geez, it realy left me hanging. who the hell is desmond? why is he on the island, brother? i dunno know. and what's up with all this '80s puters and records? this dude's living in the dark ages.

certainly with part of the crew on the raft (on shown today) and the rest on the island, this could really divide the time between both segments. damn them! of course, this will also keep the show running a little longer because less time will elapse in "lost" time.

very satisfied, though. i wonder who won the bet between krista and mark. she left with a folded piece of paper that had the "spoiler of what was in the hatch. mark had seen it on some internet thing. if he's right, krista would buy him dinner. if it was wrong, mark would have to get her something. find out tomorrow at work.

this hurricane is on my mind. my whole family is in the area. i know my mom and dad, linda and my bro's family all live well inland from the texas coast but still. this hurricane looks like a monster out there. it's amazing how in two days, it's grown to thsi category 5. i think after this hurricane, they might consider adding a sixth category.

there are the uncles, aunts and cousins in corpus that concern me. i know uncle elias had bene placed in a nursing home in pleasanton, and he should be away from most of the hurricane's winds and rain. i dunno what the others are doing. i think they're better off going to the ranch and staying with Mine. at least they will be further inland. i talked with jessica today. she was on her way to dallas with todd and aiden. school had bene cancelled and todd couldn't work, so they decided to leave to higher ground. when i was talking to her, she said traffic was at a crawl up north away from houston. they were taking back roads to dallas.

i still have friends in corpus, though. i haven't talked to rose to see what she's going to do. i think a call will be in order today. they might consider going to san antonio. and there's lilly. they might go south to the valley, where it might not be that bad. and then there's my old friend rosy in refugio. she's nearby too. i hope she's gettin out too.

estimates say matagorda bay between galveston and and corpus. if it does strike in there, at least it's not a highly populated area like new orleans. most of the texas gulf coast if not too populated, except for the corpus area and further north along houston and galveston and of course the southern tip on texas with brownsville.

i gotta admit i'm a little scared for my folks, despite them being inland. i suppose some relatives will ride out the storm with them at home. they've done it before. and it's a good thing my dad had his chemo this week and that he's doing well right now. it would be tough if he was in bad shape right now. then, i'd really be freaked out.

well, let's see what the next few days bring.


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