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Sunday, October 02, 2005

music and the mind

linda called this morning, early for me, and i was a littel nervous. then she said i've got bad news. my stomach sunk. thought it was dad. but no, it was not him. it was uncle gocha. he'd had a stroke. a bad one.

after spending the day with the family at the hospital, the info isn' great at this point. two blood vessels burst in his brain and there was bleeding. but the docs didn't want to go in and relief the pressure and drain the blood because of his health and age. so the blood is spreading. can't operate.

he said he didn't want to be a vegetable and if it came to this, to remove the respirator. that must be a tough call. but i guess wishes are wishes.

this is rough. dad's family isn't having a good year. first, eli has a stroke sept. 3, 2004, then mine's breast cancer and masectomy in february. dad's cancer in june and now this.

this one differs from eli's blood clot because the docs removed it before it burst. this one they didn't have a chance to get to it in time. the next few days will be crucial.

tonight, with thoghts of my uncle in mind, we headed off to grand rapids. we had purchased tickets a few months ago to see randy travis in concert. such a good show. he sounded like he does on cd. rich deep voice. laugh if you will but we do enjoy our musical variety. (i'm still trying to convince dawnie to see iron maiden if they should ever come to GR, but i doubt she'll ever see them with me. it's cool. not her scene.)

very subdued audience. probably the most subdued crowd at a concert i'd been to. but they were into the show, clapping, hooting and yelling out stuff like 'we love you randy.' still, the only show where i've sat down through the entire show. not bad. now we can mark off randy travis off our must-see list.