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Sunday, October 16, 2005

three hours in cadillac

there we were - dawn, evie and me - on our wy to houghton lake when the shit hit the fan in cadillac. i was out in the back seat with te dog and when i wake up, i hear this odd, screeching sound from under the hood. it happened as dawn pulled off 131 into the city for gas. after a several stops, we went sent to person's, where we were told it was the main belt that runs the alternator, copmpressor and a whole lot of other shit under the hood. but the main problem was the a/c's compressor glutch broke and soon or later (more like waaay sooner) the belt would have snapped. without alternator power, the battery would have been kaput and we would have been stranded. luckuly dawn chose to gas up in cadillac, otherwise, we'd been stuck between there and houghton lake in the middle of nowhere.

so instead of arriving in houghton lake at 11 a.m., we got there after 2. we weren't cranky, despite the layover. the guy was cool enough and the problem got fixed. he just by-assed the compressor. evie now has no a/c. luckily winter is looming.

we had a great time with aunts lynda and nancy and grandma. we ate our brunch as a dunch. the woman chatted up ebay and monte and i talked chicks...the birds, that is, after i'd mentioned me covered the zeeland west/east game friday night.

some system came in and i had a horrible headache, so i was a bit out of it for a good portion of th time, but still, we enjoyed ourselves and didn't make it back until 10:45 last night. we were tired but full day.

friday night i did cover the zeeland game. it was homecoming and the stadium, which is very nice, was packed full of teens. very different than when i covered a similar game for the holland/holland christian football game. both games i covered were a first time meeting but not much hoopla was made of the holland game. i guess because holland isn't good at all. but west is making the playoffs and it was grand. i had a headache and wanted to get out as soon as possible. west kicked ass, as predicted, 48-14. i hope i don't have any more of thsese games to cover. i feel uncomfortable since i'm not a football fan.

today we went out to eat with krista and alan. krista had wanted to thank me and dawn for taking care of will. it was not a problem. will was great. anyway, good food and good people. lots of lost talk. that's not a surprise.

now, the weekend winds down. i need to do some writing today. one hour. one hour is not bad. usualy before i know it, 20 min. have elapsed and then 40 min. and then it's all done.


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