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Saturday, October 08, 2005

pumpkinfest part 2

attended my last day at pumpkinfest friday. thoroughly enjoyed it. as with many events i cover, i'd enjoy them much more if i was simply there as a spectator instead of reporter.

still, i attached myself to this woman and her niece. i usualy try to find someone to focus on when it comes to an event that has a lot of stuff going on. well, this woman was participating in the pumpkin pie eating contest for the first time at age 39 most of the event is for the kids, but there's a 15 to adult category. her niece had participated in one of the kids' categories.

it seems he adults have more fun than thekids. they're right over the kids' backs egging them on, cheering, hooting. one mom even said, 'lick your chops.' cracks me up.

again the weather cooperated. so cool out, even cold for me. but it didn't deter anyone from having fun.

the purpose of the pie eating was to eat one slice of pumpkin pie the fastest. that was good. it would have been gluttonous to have attempted an entire pie and failed and let it go to waste.

last year i focused on pumpkin seed spitting and that went on again this year but decided against doing the same story again for a second year. i'm gld i didn't do it. give it a little mixture.

olivia, who was in the office late last night, beganlaughing for her end of the office and said, 'i love it' to me. she liked my story lead, which was a stake of on the movie 'fight club,' with the whole what's the first rule of fight club thing. my lead was the first rule of pumpkin pie eating is no hands. the second rule of pumpkin pie eating is eat all the pie. i'll admit, it was funny, and i dare say, a little clever? heh heh


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