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Wednesday, October 19, 2005


great news from home. dad's cancer marker is at 6.5. it has kept dropping since he first had a blood test when the chemo started. it was once at 700. the previous blood test showed a cancer marker of 48. so it dropped significantly. the doctor said he will give my dad two more weeks of chemo. he wants to get it down to a 2. after that, if the marker goes down to 2, he will stop the chemo and will get checkups every three months or so to make sure it doesn't come full force again.

dad really responded well to the chemo. i'm so glad. there was only a 10 percent chance that he'd respond to it. i always said someone has to make up that figure.

today i also called up my aunt patsy to give condolences. her demeanor surprised me some. she asked how we were doing and even asked about the weather up here. she did say she had bene with my uncle, holding his hand, when he died. she told him it was Ok to go. he took two breaths and he died. it was very touching. it was good she was with him during that time. the services are today and the funeral is thursday. he'l be buried in corpus. dawn and i sent a flower arrangement.

one last thing i have to mention. i spent more than four and a half hours at a planning commission meeting. i wanted what? i dunno. rage on someone. it was such a drag. i had to come back to the office and whip out a 12-inch story in less then 25 minutes. i sure hope i didn't screw up anything,since i had to write so quicky. i didn't even have a chance to think of anything, just write. i'm dreading my voice mail or e-mail.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great news about your Pop!
That is FANTASTIC!!!!

Sorry about the meeting. You did a fine job.

2:47 AM

Blogger Jess said...

I'm glad he's doing better.

11:25 PM


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