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Friday, October 21, 2005

go 'stros

iwas absolutely thrilled to see the astros heading to the world series. i don't really follow baseball or any other sport for that matter, but i do have an affinity for a texas team sometimes. i've always sorta rooted for the astros from the sidelines. they've been pretty good these past few years.

i chat with eric and alan on the sports desk at night about sports (after reading or seeing headlines) and we get to chatting about something or other. so they know i rotted for the astros.

i was frustrated during the fifth game when they had it made and down t a couple of strikes and that three-run homer screwed them up.. i thought they'd lost their chance. but they proved me wrong and i actually got to listen to the game on a radio when eric was listening to it, like the old days before tv.

i dunno if there is a chance for them to win the world series or not, and i guess i don't care. i'm glad they're there. if they win, hell, i'll be jumping for joy. if they don't, hey, they made it all that way. and they bested the cardinals, randy's fave pro baseball team. that felt good.


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