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Saturday, October 29, 2005


i was really disappointed that they didn't win the series...that they didn't win a damned series game, for that matter.

but after the lost the third game in houston, i didn't feel too bad. they'd given up leads, bad pitching and a lot of other shit. so when they lost the fourth game and were eliminated, i just didn't care much. they didn't deserve it. it's almost as if they didn't want it bad enough. the sox did. they were hustling and making plays. and i don't think it's a matter of the sox being better than the astros. i think they can probably take them out. but not this time.

perhaps next year they'll feel like they belong and will do it. i hope they retain the same players and pitchers. will the sox repeat again next year? i doubt it.

i don't even know why i cared so much, i am not really a baseball fan or even a much of a sports fan. i guess i got caught up in the whole thing with these guys finally making it to the series.


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