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Monday, November 14, 2005

day off

another four-day week. i get to use a sick day again today. it's nice to have these every once in awhile.

i do spend half the day thinking i have to be at work by 4 and worrying, even though i reassure myself constantly i can stay home andthat today is my sunday.

so far, dawn and i went out and completed a bunch of errands that took a good chunk of time. we decided to get some long john silver's. it's been ages since we've had any. ages, i say.

i'm all caught up with my movies and shows from last week. i still have jim hayden's beatles anthology collection that i have to get through, but that's hours and hours of viewing. i saw the beatles episodes when they came out on the ed sullivan show. great stuff. it's funny to see the girls go nuts over them, grabbing their hair, crying and shaking their's crazy stuff. what a scene it must have been in 1964 in american to have the moptops making their first appearance in the states.


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