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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

gee, the grass is white

just walked outside (2:30 p.m.) and there is a thin, revealing blanket of snow covering the grass. the season's first snow. it's not much and it appears we're only supposed to get a few inches betwen today and tomorrow morning. still, it's nice. it's fresh and clean. not something i'll be saying in february when it's moldy and wet and slushy.

i took a walk to the library, a few long blocks, and made my way back as it was sort of starting. it was more like sleet-like snow, heavy and clinging to my coat. still, my first walk in it. and i suppose when i go to work, it'll be snowing then. although, i'd say a bit heavier.

we had such fierce winds last night, blew the crap out of everything. good thing most leaves are gone. i really didn't feel like raking any more leaves. looks like i won't hve to.

and so it looks like wintery weather is here. it does feel nice to sort of relax throughout the day with the cats. if only dawnie didn't have to work today. but the money's good.