These are the thoughts of a Texas transplant in West Michigan who makes his living as a newspaper reporter by evening, and a struggling novelist by day.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


a temper tantrum, a fit of silent rage,
a grumble, a mumble.
no acknowledgment.

where's my bipper?
where's my goddamned bipper?
the day's begun and i can't find my bipper!
i'll suck my thumb instead.

it's your fault, no yours, no yours,
it's everyone's fault.
fuck you all! i can't decide.
the blame's going all around,
there, i'm happy now.
no choice to make.

the shit falls on me and only me.
fuck off life, you're unfair

oh, yes, life's unfair,
a wiley beast unyielding, uncaring,
before you know it, it's come and gone.

hitch your britches, tighten your belt,
lift your chin,
take control, life's unfair
and it cares not.

it owes you no favors
and expects none, too.
a mere mortal, after all,
is fodder for it to snack

so move on,
the days of sitting in the grocery cart seat are done,
and so is being fed, diapered and bathed,
fend for yourself,
give yourself a chance before...

"i don't need your wah-wah..."

Sunday, February 24, 2008

the right to bear arms

i was watching some news show yesterday and was alarmed at what i saw and heard.

it was a story out of texas, near houston. a 61-year-0ld man shot and killed two colombian illegals outside his neighbor's house. they were stealing. he went outside with his shotgun and killed them, shooting them in the back, according to the report.

that alone was disturbing. however, i listened to what the news person said and the 911 call call.

there is a law in texas that says you can shoot someone if you feel you're in danger of bodily harm if they're in your home or domain (i.e. being robbed). it's a right texans have.

this man called 911 and told him two people were robbing his neighbor's house. the operator told him to remain in his home and police were on their way. he cited this law and that he had a right to go out there and shoot them, sinceit gives residents the same rights as police to protect themselves.. the operator attempted to dissuade the man, but to no avail.

the man put the phone down. you could hear him loading his gun, then firing. he fired twice. the men were shot in the back. both died.

there is a debate and outcries as to whether he was in the right since he was in his own home and it was his neighbor's house being burglarized. and the man admitted he knew his neighbor only a little.

i was angered after i heard the news piece. this man thinks he's at par with law enforcement. he was going to do his duty as a texan -- who has this right -- to protect himself no matter what he was told by 911, even though he, technically, was no in harm's way, since his home was safe.

i could hear the defiance in the voice when he said "he had the right." i could have punched this man for his ignorance. he sounded like a redneck asshole.

there was no danger to himself. let the police take care of the criminals. if he wasnted to do what police would do in this situation, he would have told the burglars to put their hands up and held them there until police arrived. police would not have shot these men outright unless the men would have opened fire or appeared to open fire on them by drawing a gun.

i am so disappointed in texas law. i am embarrassed by it. it's so damned lawless that it's nauseates me to even think about it.

this old fart should have stayed in his home and let things resolve themselves without interference.

this whole bullshit about the fire to bear arms it foolish bullshit. yes i know it's our god-given right and all that blah blah blah. but you know what nra? that was then. it was applicable to the day. those laws or constitutional rights mean shit now. all what's happening it shit like what happened in texas and with lawmakers instituting laws like that absurd one.

if there is justice in the world, this geezer will spend time contenplating his stupidity instead of being glorified as a wyatt earp.

and no, i'm not some left-wing nut job but i'm also not a right wing freak. just believe some changes need to take place to make life a little safer.