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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


a temper tantrum, a fit of silent rage,
a grumble, a mumble.
no acknowledgment.

where's my bipper?
where's my goddamned bipper?
the day's begun and i can't find my bipper!
i'll suck my thumb instead.

it's your fault, no yours, no yours,
it's everyone's fault.
fuck you all! i can't decide.
the blame's going all around,
there, i'm happy now.
no choice to make.

the shit falls on me and only me.
fuck off life, you're unfair

oh, yes, life's unfair,
a wiley beast unyielding, uncaring,
before you know it, it's come and gone.

hitch your britches, tighten your belt,
lift your chin,
take control, life's unfair
and it cares not.

it owes you no favors
and expects none, too.
a mere mortal, after all,
is fodder for it to snack

so move on,
the days of sitting in the grocery cart seat are done,
and so is being fed, diapered and bathed,
fend for yourself,
give yourself a chance before...

"i don't need your wah-wah..."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait. These aren't the George Harrison lyrics!

9:45 PM


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