These are the thoughts of a Texas transplant in West Michigan who makes his living as a newspaper reporter by evening, and a struggling novelist by day.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

redneck rancher

why are you here, redneck rancher?
silly boy from down south,
you're in over your head.
see the mounds of snow -- way over

spell a word, take some crack,
c'mon you cracker,
blow on that pipe.

see here, nonentity,
why? because. because i said so.
because we said so

walk around, gabbing ang gabbing.
we don't care.

stand by my side and see if i care,
i'll ignore you.
that's for sure.

i'll look at you any way i want.
i'll look at you or not.

yeah, yeah, yeah, oh yeah.
i see through you. i'm looking through you.

what? did you say something.
oh, redneck rancher, go home.

go back to big skies and short trees,
go back to your people, back home, i think.

drive a tractor, hoe a field, weed a garden.
milk a cow or something lame.

hayseed ranch boy, walk away.
you came up north, welcome worn,

oh smile all, smile.
you've got it all fooled,
all fooled, please.
see no one coming, on one seeing it

deep breath, lad, deep, deep breath,
take the plunge, you live but once,
and once it enough to make the plunge
worth its while.

slender smile, warm eyes, shallow breaths,
a gentle word -- no more -- enough to satisfy,
enough to ensnare -- too late then.

the trap is shut!
redneck rancher, redneck rancher.


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