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Monday, June 22, 2009

the storm

i'm exhausted from the weekend's activities. i covered a lot of flooding stuff. i did two follows, one saturday and one sunday.

we had major damage from a severe storm that blew in friday nite. i wasn't expecting it. it was my day off and i was tooling aroun.d.

the rain, like a sheet, started at 8ish. we were thinking of going out with friends. they decided against it, but we still went out. we headed to village inn. wow! crazy getting up there. water up to the wheelwells and waves were coming of the cars. at village inn, i stepped into a foot and then soome of water. we waited it out in the eatery.

coming back was not as bad, but we took side streets to get home. our block was pretty muchj untouched. but not many others.

there was flooding everywhere, trees not just down but uprooted, trees resting on homes and garages, roads wahed away, sinkholes. hope college had several buildings flooded, including the tennis center, which had four feet of water. the playing fields are covered with silt. the armory's basement had a foot or more of water and historic artifacts had to be brought upstairs.

it rained something like 4 1/2 inches in trhee hours. how wild is that? water had nowhere to go, so it went on and on into every crevace it could find.