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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

corner lots

i have whined for a long time now about the perils of walks to work this winter.

i'm hoping that soon these rants will cease as the weather begins to cool and warm and the snow on yards recedes (as it has over the past few days) until there is grass that will soon be green and lush and nakes tree branches full of leaves, providing a full canopy over many city streets.

but winter's not quite done. we have about 18 days and in michigan you just never know what to expect after that.

but these past two days has been great walking to work. i've found routes i've not taken since december. i switch it up quite a bit, so as not to be bored with my walks.

yet, the temperatures still slide below freezing at night and yesterday it was in the upper 20s all day, despite it being sunny (that did help to melt more snow).

i've found the biggest culprits of all when it comes to lack of maintenance and sidewalks.

it's the corner lot crowd. yep, those folks who have larger than normal yards that form 90-degre angles on the streets with large stretches of sidewalk, you are the ones that have failed this winter to maintain the area around your homes

on the way to work, i encounter about five of these homeowners that still have lots of ice sheets on the sidewalks surrounding their homes.

i'm happily walking along, enjoying the sunshine and the coolness at my face, then i start the familiar dance. my feet start going in directions they don't even try on the dance floor.

i've been lucky that my ass has yet to meet the pavement. once i swear i'd actually gone into a near sitting position as i felt myself going down, when i righted myself and kept on walking. i should have taken a bow. ha ha

corner lot people, please be careful. be diligent and shovel more. make an effort to cut down on the ice. if not for me, do it for the poor mail carriers who must traverse the treacherous pavement to deliver your mail.

just a thought.