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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

the unnamed cat

we've a new addition to our pet family. we got a third cat friday afternoon from the harbor humane society.

she's a quiet, tri-colored cat, 7 1/2 years old, weighs 15 pounds. she's friendly but still wary, although we pet her and she likes it.

it started friday morning when dawn said there was a cat waiting for us at the humane society. it was gong to be euthanized the foloowing day. i was half asleep, but it stuck in my head.

dawn received an e-mail through work (a send to all type of thing) from a teacher whose daughter worked at thehumane society. she said there was an overabundance of cats and no more room. this particular cat, named petunia, was to be euthanized on saturday -- the following day.

later in the day, i reminded dawn about the cat. we decided to head up there and check it out.

we arrive to the sounds and smells of cats and dogs. we tell the receptionist about the cat and she calls for the daughter or the woman who sent the e-mail, "someone's here to see your fat cat."

in comes petunia in the arms of the girl. all we see is a mass of orange, brown, white wrapped in her arms. we pet her and then head to the "visiting room," where we got to know the cat better she walked around, curling her tail around my legs and being petted by dawn.

the girl told us the story of petunia. in a nutshell, her owner had to give her and her sister up because of some situation at home. for the past few montsh or so, the cats had been moved around from home to home. she finally gave up the cats reluctantly. it was emotional is what i was told.

we then decied we wanted to keep her. petunia is four-paws declawed, fixed, and has her shots. after some paperwork, we headed back home, she in her box, where she began to meow.

we set her up for now in the guest room. that's where the litter box is and where she's been most comfortable. she's stayed under the bed in that bedroom or under the loveseat.

the other cats have more or less ignoed her. katrina has been curious but nothing major has occurred between them.

tonight (monday night) she came up and chilled out and sat on a pink chair for hours. that's good.

now, as i write this, she's out here with me. i saw a cat walk in, thought it was trina, but found petunia instead. she's walking around the room, smelling things, weaving herself through my legs, going under the desk, and, of course, wanting to e petted. dawn said she's worse than kit. i'll admit, she does like the pets.

and so our family has grown. i think/hope she'll be a nice fit. she just plopped down on another chair and is relaxing. good.i think it's time for me to relax, too.